About us

barracuda GmbH was founded in January 1998 and is a political communications specialist for developing web2.0 applications, community platforms for non-profits, progressive associations and campaign.

With the office situated in the Spichernhoefen in Cologne, Germany, founder, owner and managing director Oliver Zeisberger works in a team of three experts, who gain an continuoulsy growing conversion of  400,000+ Euro per fiscal year. With a clientbase of 300+ customers the agency ranks within the top 250 interactive agencies in Germany since 2001 and within the Top 200 since 2003 based on gross income.

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How to reach us

barracuda GmbH
Bismarckstraße 6
50672 Cologne

Tel +49 221 56965-70
Fax +49 221 56965-777

About us

We help our customers to develop active communities with the most up-to-date Internet technologies. They obtain extraordinary effects – socially, politically and economically.

Communities, where members are encouraged to play an active part, learn collaboratively from each other, organize their interests, and articulate and implement their shared goals.

Our Democratcy and social organizations are based on participation and interaction. The Internet is the ideal medium to support them. No other technology is more efficient, more favourable and faster.

Our Team

We are a small agency and think that personal contact counts. Our team consists of four fulltime staff members. Oliver is managing director, Carsten is CTO, Hanna is project manager and Thorsten is programmer and system administrator.

Oliver Zeisberger
As founder, owner and managing director of barracuda, Oliver developed and managed several online campaigns. He is particularly interested in innovations and technological developments, which have bold effects on the way political campaigns work today and foster the progressive development of society.

Carsten Waver
Carsten took over the position as CTO at barracuda in 2000. Next to his professional work he also develops websites, which connect newest technology and latest strategies in his sparetime. His biggest success in 2005: Using Word-of-mouth-strategies on the Net he created a website that generated the demand for 180,000 mp3 and video downloads in 50 days protesting against Angela Merkel campaigning to become the German Chancellor.

Thorsten Schäfer
Before starting to work for barracuda in 2001 Thorsten finished an apprenticeship as a "certified computer scientist". His activities now include the wide range of programming as well as database and system administration.  His skills: HTML, XHTML, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, Visual basic, PHP, data base development, software development and system administration on various plattforms. Additionally barracuda counts on his know-how within the range content management systems and Web accessibility.


Major events like the war in Iraq, the US presidential election, world-wide donation activities for the Tsunami victims or the election to the "German Bundestag" 2005 show an unstopable change: The influence of broadcast and mass media decreases continuously.

With social and economic innovations the Internet plays an increasingly important role as a new approach to progress and communications.

People don’t want to be only readers, listeners or spectators. They want to engage in conversations, build dialogues and have their say on what is important and developing around them.

Organizations and enterprises, which promote and drive these developments, will be more successful in the future.


To make exceptional social, political or economic effects happen for our customers, our services consist of:

  • Building and developing communities that engage members
  • Online teambuilding and -organizing
  • Advocacy, public relations and communication
  • Donation systems and fundraising campaigns

We develop the right solution for you from start to finish:

  • Idea, concept, strategy, implementation and maintenance
  • Training, coaching and workshops

Clients and Projects

barracuda has successfully finished 100+ Internet projects. We work over wide ranges of industries with special knowledge in projects for progressive non-profits, NGOs and know-how in political communication.


  • Consumer goods: Henkel & Schwarzkopf
  • Services: rheingold Institute for qualitative market research and media analysis
  • IT-technology: Sterling Commerce EMEA
  • Educational: VHS North Rhine-Westphalia

Non-Profits and Politics

  • Deutscher Wirtschaftsverband (German Economic Association)
  • NUK Neues Unternehmertum Köln Bonn Aachen (Entrepreneur Association Cologne)
  • Wirtschaftsvereinigung Metalle (Economic Association Metal Industry)
  • SPD Landesverband Hessen (Social Democratic Party – State party of Hessen)
  • SPD Landesverband NRW (Social Democratic Party – State party of Northrhine-Westphalia)
  • SPD-Landtagsfraktion NRW (Social Democratic Party – Parliamentary Group Northrhine-Westphalia)
  • Peer Steinbrück (Former Prime Minister and now Federal Secretary)

Plus roughly 300 additional customers.


barracuda is the first german member of "WOMMA" the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

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